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    2021 mentorship

mayfield brooks

Dear friend of FAILSPACE,

FAILSPACE, in relationship with mayfield brooks and Estrellx, invites you to take a moment to read the following reparative ask by the artists and consider contributing Reparations to support their restorative and healing work with 10 BIPOCIA & QTPOCIA artists.

I don't know about you, but lately I've been exhausted. For me, the task becomes how to rest, repair and regenerate in a moment where we are being asked to balance urgency with slowness. I am continually seeking and learning how to thrive in a world that is gorgeous and giving and at the same time violent and aggressive within the human-made apparatus of militarized capitalism. It is indeed a balancing act to be an artist in these times. It is even more of a balancing act to be an artist of color who may be femme, queer, non binary, disabled, Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latinx (and other queers & folks of color who may not fit into those categories). So in my role as a mentor for FAILSPACE, I decided to collaborate with my mentee, Estrellx, and put out a call to other BIPOCIA & QTPOCIA folks to CONJURE our own healing in these precarious times.

In order to make this happen we wanted to remove all financial constraints and offer a free series of workshops. In order to do this, we are asking for REPARATIVE FUNDING to cover 10 BIPOCIA & QTPOCIA artists to be able to participate in this work for free. We are asking for Reparations, not Donations. We are hoping that this work can grow from 10 to 100 artists in the future and that the magic we create from what we are calling our "Inaugural Qwitch BIPOCIA/QTPOCIA Convening" can have space to breathe and grow. We need to raise $2,500 to support the presence of the 10 BIPOCIA & QTPOCIA artists at these workshops,  but welcome more funds to support the work of Estrellx and I, directly, as we share our practices of improvising while black, decomposing dance, attunement, quebrantamiento to renew/restore our bodies, and creating rage rooms against the machine where we get vulnerable, messy, honest, and raw

Artists of color often suffer from the stress of disproportionate labor put on them by the larger society and the art world. Thank you for helping us to heal. By supporting this project you will aid us in conjuring our own magic while we rest, repair and regenerate!

Workshop Details

Postponed until 2021.

Workshop Description

Are we hanging out or do you want to do something about it?
Wanna make out or would you rather touch yourself while I keep my eyes closed in another room?
Are we alone or have you brought everything with you?
If you stay and I leave and neither of us is running away, then what?

This is not a test, but it is a practice of boundary play.
We will cultivate a rigor of attention between self and self, self and space, self and Spirit, self and the everyday, self and earth; arriving, dissolving and co-creating constellations, portals, and alternative structures of intimacy that may provide an opportunity for another kind of relating between us to cum through.
Can we release our expectations/conditioning and get out of our own way?
Touch w/ no demand?
What happens when we move, write, and rest from this molecular and permeable place?
To fully surrender means to give up what?

Collective grieving, moaning, ecstasy aka quebrantamiento.
When you say no to one thing, you engender space for something else to emerge. Being with, instead of trying to fill it.
What are the conditions needed to be fully present?

mayfield brooks
We Got Soul: Improvising While Black as Movement Practice - This workshop will explore mayfield's ongoing dance practice and project "Improvising While Black/IWB" using voice/body, somatics, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, DISorientation, afropessimist theory and practices specifically from mayfield's upbringing in the pentecostal church. mayfield queers "praise dance" by using speaking in tongues, trembling, catching spirit, as secular transgressive collective worship—participants investigate movement that moves the soulful body, breaks rules, and asks questions. There is an awareness of ancestors, ancestral land (GROUND) and an interplay with what the body remembers and forgets. We acknowledge our privilege, oppression, joy and trauma. There is play, dynamic partnering, deep belly laughter, wandering, reading, writing, questioning, critiquing, seeking, democratizing, deconstructing, and whatever else we find in the wildness of improvisation.

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