harvest moon festival

The FAILSPACE Steering Committee members will be harvesting from their practice over the next two moon cycles. Read the impulse for this celebration from our very own Rebecca Fitton below. Harvesting more  November 4, 2020.

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Nov. 4, 2020

We already know
that this election, this democracy,
was from its inception
engineered to fail us
in reflecting our collective power. .

We already know
that we are responsible
to each other
to heal to house to feed to laugh to be.

We already know
our healers
our builders
our farmers
our weavers
our guides.

We create to reflect what we know,
That our resources are collectively abundant
That our future together depends on freely flowing resources.

We trust that our needs are needs.
We trust that our giving will be received.
We trust that our receiving will be given.

Break the damns
With hammers
With bone
With teeth
And breath
Free the water
And bathe in its rushing downstream.

Over the next two moon cycles, FAILSPACE will design the infrastructure for a mutual aid network amongst the Steering Committee members, to build a financial reserve for when resources need to flow to meet their needs for housing, health, food, and pleasure as we continue to face new and ever-changing conditions. This mutual aid network will be available to all Steering Committee members at any time and serve our members living in and outside the United States. We will be sharing our research, our agreements, and our financial model for creating collective abundance inside a practice of cooperation.

*This is an internal mutual aid network that is separate than the network we plan to build to support our community more broadly.

Oct. 31 2020

Dear friends,

Let us come together and celebrate in our new monthly cycles … of makings and happenings led by steering committee members and to the joyful cycles of our newly launched (!) Patreon.

How shall we usher our Patreon into our community? I am thinking a lot these days about care within relationships. How are we caring for each other through our labor / creations? How are we caring for those that can support us through financial means?

We’ve chatted over the past few weeks about a festival of sorts to celebrate the full moons in our lives, in time with the natural cycles through perhaps not on time. We ruminated on the Steering Committee’s contributions to the joyful artistic world FAILSPACE holds within our community. And we have the platforms! With our new sexyyyy Patreon blog and/or website blog and/or Instagram pages we have the space to create / offer / question / reflect.

Our next full moon is October 31, the 2nd one in the month of October. How do folks feel about the 6 SC members contributing *something/anything* during that last week in October/first week in November period? A transitional period for sure.

Y’all know I’m good at the grant language, but when it comes to the more personal, ethereal, open ended questions I sometimes fall short. Is this email in fact the curation statement?

What are folks thoughts? Are you in to contribution *something/anything* in that two week period? Any one want to hop onboard the curation phrasing station?

Let me know. I am also happy to ride the train solo.

With ladybugs galore,



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