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Latke Cooking Lesson &
Jewish Mourning: A Somatic Experience

January 31st, 2021
Latke Cooking Lesson 4-6 PM EST
Jewish Mourning: A Somatic Experience 6-7:30 PM EST
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Latke Cooking Lesson
A virtual, interactive, cook-along, potato latke making class. We will enjoy a step-by-step process for making potato latkes including tips and tricks gathered from making thousands of potato latkes. This lesson emphasizes cooking with senses. The lesson will guide participants on how to use sensory cues in place of  measurements and timers. This class will be a communal experience as much as  culinary education, and we will gather through asking questions of participants, encouraging questions, and checking in/troubleshooting on the cooking process throughout.

Jewish Mourning: A Somatic Experience
We will explore Jewish death and mourning practices; what they specifically are, why we do them, and how they may provide a structure for people of all/no faiths move through and process grief and loss. Beyond listening, we will also learn with our bodies-ripping a garment, sitting on the floor--to further explore what these rituals may offer.

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New Moon Realness | Tools for Quebrantamiento en los Ultimos Tiempos

September 16-19th, 2020
4-6 PM EST / 1-3 PM PST
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Death. The Precipice. Justice. The High Priestess.

13. 33. 666. 777.

We will slow down, bend time, and differentiate towards our agency. Even when suspended and bound, here we can also find movement: subtle, sustained, underground, pulsing through the blood. We will notice where our perception and attention is flowing as a way to ground into the present moment and manifest what we need. Emptying out in order to receive. We will engage in self-pleasure practices [alone and together] and engender a virtual space of radical vulnerability and generosity.

This workshop is for folks interested in going deep into their roots, working with New Moon magic to manifest their intentions, [working and playing with some choreographic scores that invite duration, principles of Qi Energetics, and elements of improvisation], and having real talks about what is alive and present for us in our personal and interpersonal cosmologies. There will be lots of moving, writing, reflecting alone and in pairs, and the potential to create a low-stakes performance offering at the closing of our time together to share with this specific cohort.

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